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Ever wish you could get the inside track from the real movers and shakers of the investment world? Well, look no further than the Master Investors podcast. In this exciting new series, Master Investor gets to pick the brains of fund managers, CEOs, big shot investors and various other luminaries from the investing world, in order to get you – the private investor – up to speed with all the latest themes in what is a very fast-moving and exciting industry.

Recent episodes

Cavendish building a profitable platform in tough markets

Episode 106 | 22 May 2024
With Julian Morse, Joint Chief Executive Officer at Cavendish

Seraphim: pushing the frontiers of space tech investing

Episode 105 | 16 May 2024
With Mark Boggett, CEO at Seraphim Space Fund

EnSilica anticipates five years of aggressive growth

Episode 103 | 4 January 2024
With Mark Hodgkins, Executive Chairman at EnSilica

Trident Royalties aiming to continue 'blistering pace' of acquisitions

Episode 102 | 13 December 2023
With Adam Davidson, CEO at Trident Royalties

AI will be revolutionary for Cerillion and its customers

Episode 101 | 12 December 2023
With Louis Hall, CEO at Cerillion

Diversification is the differentiator for Manx Financial Group

Episode 100 | 8 December 2023
With Douglas Grant, CEO at Manx Financial Group

Charting the Course: Navigating 2024 - A Financial Outlook

Episode 99 | 6 December 2023
With Iain Barnes, Chief Investment Officer at Netwealth

Investing in the Age of Longevity 2023 – Discussion Panel Longevity Next

Episode 98 | 4 December 2023
With Phil Newman, Editor-in-Chief at Longevity.Technology, Eleanor Davies, Dealflow Steward at VitaDAO, Alex Colville, Co-founder and General Partner at age1, and Patrick Burgermeister, Expert in Life science Investing at Kizoo Technology Ventures

Investing in the Age of Longevity 2023 – Discussion Panel Longevity Now

Episode 97 | 1 December 2023
With Phil Newman, Editor-in-Chief at Longevity.Technology, Dr Richard Marshall CBE, CEO at Juvenescence, Bill Kapp, Co-founder and CEO at Fountain Life, and Jörg Rieker, Founding Partner at Maximon

2024: Better times ahead for investors

Episode 96 | 28 November 2023
With Jonathan Davis

Investing in the Age of Longevity 2023 – Greg Bailey

Episode 95 | 23 November 2023
With Phil Newman, Editor-in-Chief at Longevity.Technology and Greg Bailey, Co-founder & Executive Chairman at Juvenescence

2023 – A reckoning postponed with live investment opportunities

Episode 94 | 5 October 2023
With Jonathan Davis

Artisanal Spirits Company: maturing into a highly profitable premium spirits group

Episode 93 | 27 September 2023
With Andrew Dane, CEO of The Artisanal Spirits Company

Bitcoin: A game changing technology for the world

Episode 92 | 14 September 2023
With Sam Volkering, Editor of The Crypto Handbook

ZOO Digital in prime position to capitalise on new opportunities

Episode 91 | 14 August 2023
With Stuart Green, CEO and Phillip Blundell, CFO of ZOO Digital

Trustworthy income?

Episode 90 | 7 July 2023
With James Harries, Senior Fund Manager at Troy Asset Management

Deal winning Cerillion targeting bigger contracts with bigger customers

Episode 89 | 5 July 2023
With Louis Hall, CEO of Cerillion

Are gloomy times a good time to buy?

Episode 88 | 30 June 2023
With Jonathan Davis

Adapting to the New Normal: Investing in Volatile Times

Episode 87 | 28 June 2023
With Gerard Lyons, Chief Economic Strategist and Matt Conradi, Head of Client Advisory at Netwealth

Master Investor Sector Focus: Going for Gold

Episode 86 | 30 May 2023
With Charlie Morris (Founder and Chief Investment Officer at ByteTree.com), Alexander Scanlon (CEO of Barton Gold), Harry Anagnostaras-Adams (Executive Chairman of KEFI Gold + Copper), Natalie Bellis (CEO of Seventy Ninth Group) and Mark Child (CEO of Condor Gold)

Is 'Sell in May' the right advice for coronation month?

Episode 83 | 27 April 2023
With Jonathan Davis

VCTs - tax efficient alternatives in uncertain times

Episode 82 | 31 March 2023
With Jonathan Davis

Jim Mellon meets Graham Rowan of Beaufort Private Equity

Episode 81 | 8 March 2023
With Jim Mellon and Graham Rowan

Q and A with Hugh Yarrow: good vibes

Episode 80 | 3 March 2023
With Hugh Yarrow

As goes January, so goes the year. Will 2023 be a stormy one?

Episode 78 | 31 January 2023
With Jonathan Davis

Lingo: the blockchain driven vacation and real estate company

Episode 77 | 13 January 2023
With Hassam-Moussa Rawat

Master Investor Sector Focus: Oil & Gas

Episode 76 | 19 December 2022
With Callum Macpherson

2023 will be more civilised as the retail investor makes a comeback

Episode 75 | 16 December 2022
With Jonathan Davis

Is infrastructure still the answer?

Episode 74 | 12 December 2022
With Phil Kent

Q and A with Nick Train: UK Equities for the future? (Part 2)

Episode 71 | 10 October 2022
With Nick Train

Q and A with Nick Train: UK Equities for the future? (Part 1)

Episode 70 | 4 October 2022
With Nick Train

Master Investor Sector Focus: Going for Gold

Episode 69 | 27 September 2022
With Jim Mellon

Navigating moral hazard and maximising risk reward in the era of inflation

Episode 68 | 19 August 2022
With Charles White-Thomson, CEO of Saxo Markets UK

Q and A with Terry Smith: Boring or Roaring Twenties? (Part 2)

Episode 67 | 11 August 2022
With Terry Smith, founder and CEO of Fundsmith

Q and A with Terry Smith: Boring or Roaring Twenties? (Part 1)

Episode 66 | 4 August 2022
With Terry Smith, founder and CEO of Fundsmith

London Technology Club: Jonathan Davis talks tech investment with Konstantin Sidorov

Episode 65 | 25 July 2022
With Konstantin Sidorov, CEO of London Technology Club

D4t4 Solutions: The cash generative tech company with game-changing initiatives

Episode 64 | 22 July 2022
With Bill Bruno, CEO of D4t4 Solutions Plc

UK Small Companies Fund Manager of the Year – Alex Wedge of Liontrust talks to Jonathan Davis

Episode 63 | 20 July 2022
With Alex Wedge, Fund Manager at Liontrust Asset Management PLC

Open Orphan PLC – Aiming to deliver continued double digit growth

Episode 62 | 6 July 2022
With Yamin ‘Mo’ Khan, CEO and Leo Toole, CFO of Open Orphan PLC

Bloomsbury Publishing: Highest ever sales and profit for the publisher that’s a joy to manage

Episode 61 | 29 June 2022
With Nigel Newton CBE, CEO of Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

TPXimpact Holdings PLC: An incredibly cash generative business blending autonomy with responsibility

Episode 60 | 16 June 2022
With Neal Gandhi, CEO of TPXimpact Holdings PLC

Is the bear market over?

Episode 59 | 13 June 2022
With Mark Slater, Founder of Slater Investments

ANGLE PLC – a small British company changing the world in cancer

Episode 58 | 7 June 2022
With Andrew Newland, CEO of ANGLE PLC

CentralNic Group - fast-growing technology company with 'plenty of blue sky ahead'

Episode 57 | 1 June 2022
With Ben Crawford, CEO of CentralNic Group PLC

ENGAGE XR – Disrupting Global Communication

Episode 56 | 24 May 2022
With David Whelan, CEO of ENGAGE XR Holdings PLC

Investing in the Future of Longevity - the Ketone Chapter

Episode 55 | 18 May 2022
With Brianna Stubbs, Greg Bailey, Peter Crawford, Dr. Jonathan Little, John Newman and Jim Mellon

RBG Holdings - A cash generative business which cherry picks best-in-class companies

Episode 54 | 11 May 2022
With Nicola Foulston, Group Chief Executive of RBG Holdings

Commodities Investing: Lean into inflation, spend time in the market and research the fundamentals

Episode 53 | 6 May 2022
With Simon Popple, Founder of Brookville Capital

Face to face with Stephen Yiu

Episode 52 | 30 March 2022
With Stephen Yiu, Manager of the Blue Whale Growth Fund

Gold and bitcoin in a time of war

Episode 51 | 9 March 2022
With Charlie Morris, Founder and CIO of ByteTree Asset Management

Inside View: The Coding Revolution

Episode 50 | 21 February 2022
With Chris Hill, CEO and Charlotte Prior, CFO at Northcoders Group PLC

Inside View: The Evolution of Fintech

Episode 49 | 15 February 2022
With Derren Nathan, Head of Research at Hybridan

Why VCTs have never been this popular

Episode 48 | 8 February 2022
With Alex Davies, Founder of the Wealth Club

Inside View: Smiths News Group – Value stock with growth potential?

Episode 47 | 3 February 2022
With Jon Bunting, CEO and Paul Baker, CFO at Smiths News Group

Inside View: Sarah Lowther interviews on the ‘Class of 21’, Microlise Group PLC

Episode 46 | 31 January 2022
With Nadeem Raza, CEO and Bill Wynn, CFO at Microlise Group PLC

Investing in 2022

Episode 45 | 28 January 2022
With Victor Hill, Mark Watson-Mitchell and Jonathan Davis

Inside View: SDI Group - A Covid-proof company?

Episode 44 | 25 January 2022
With Mike Creedon, CEO at SDI Group

Jonathan Davis interviews Martin Gilbert

Episode 43 | 17 January 2022
With Martin Gilbert, Founder of Aberdeen Asset Management

Inside View: Symphony Environmental Plc

Episode 41 | 8 December 2021
With Michael Laurier, Group Chief Executive at Symphony Environmental Technologies Plc

Inside View: 50 Shades of Hydrogen

Episode 40 | 5 December 2021
With Derren Nathan, Head of Research at Hybridan

Seed Innovations' McDermott on the cannabis investment opportunity

Episode 39 | 9 November 2021
With Ed McDermott, Chief Executive at Seed Innovations

Master Investor CEO interviews: Larry Zulch of Invinity Energy Systems

Episode 38 | 8 November 2021
With Larry Zulch, CEO of Invinity Energy Systems Plc

Small Cap Chat

Episode 37 | 21 October 2021
With Stuart Fieldhouse of Armchair Trader and Mark Watson-Mitchell of Master Investor

The opportunities and challenges of becoming a public company

Episode 36 | 7 October 2021
With Small Cap Network

Autumn update: Live update with Jim Mellon

Episode 35 | 15 September 2021
With Jim Mellon

Super forecasting the next five years: the macro trends that matter for investors

Episode 34 | 30 June 2021
With Gerard Lyons, Chief Economic Strategist of Netwealth

Ask Evil: Live Q&A webinar with Simon Cawkwell aka Evil Knievil

Episode 33 | 13 May 2021
With Evil Knievil

Spring update: Live webinar with Jim Mellon

Episode 32 | 22 April 2021
With Jim Mellon

The Fundamentals of Buy to Let in the UK; Post COVID-19 & Brexit

Episode 31 | 1 April 2021
With Mark Brownridge, Director General at EISA and Fran O’Brien, Head of Clients & Investments at Syndicate Room

The Fundamentals of Buy to Let in the UK; Post COVID-19 & Brexit

Episode 30 | 25 February 2021
With Tim Corcoran, CEO of Master Investor and Paul Mahoney, Founder & Managing Director at Nova Financial

An investor’s guide to how cell-based meat will change the world

Episode 29 | 21 January 2021
With Jim Mellon, Mark Post and Lou Cooperhouse

Investing in the Age of Longevity 2020 - The Science of Ageing

Episode 28 | 13 November 2020
With Phil Newman, Polina Mamoshina, Reason, Eric Verdin and James Lawford Davis

Prospecting for Small-Cap Mining Stocks

Episode 26 | 29 October 2020
With John Cornford

Master Investor Longevity Week Preview

Episode 25 | 20 October 2020
With Jim Mellon and John Newman

Ask Jim: Live Q&A webinar with Jim Mellon

Episode 24 | 15 September 2020
With Jim Mellon

Ask Evil: Live Q&A webinar with Simon Cawkwell aka Evil Knievil

Episode 23 | 8 July 2020
With Evil Knievil

Lord Lee’s five favourite small caps

Episode 22 | 18 June 2020
With Lord Lee of Trafford

Mellon on the Markets: June Update

Episode 21 | 6 June 2020
With Jim Mellon

Investing in uncertain times: How to look after your money

Episode 20 | 20 May 2020
With Jim Mellon and Charlotte Ransom, CEO of Netwealth

Counting the cost of Coronavirus: Will markets ever be the same again?

Episode 19 | 23 April 2020
With Jim Mellon, Victor Hill and James Ferguson

Lockdown Radio with Evil Knievil

Episode 18 | 1 April 2020
With Evil Knievil

The View from the Trenches: Signs of life?

Episode 17 | 28 February 2020
With Niall Pearson, Director, Head Of Corporate Broking & Sales at Hybridan

European Focus with John Bennett and Tom O’Hara

Episode 16 | 28 February 2020
With John Bennett, Director of European Equities and Tom O’Hara, Portfolio Manager at Janus Henderson Investors

Fintech and the coming revolution in financial services

Episode 15 | 20 February 2020
With Tim Levene of Augmentum Fintech and Richard Wilson of Interactive Investor

Looking overseas for income with Ben Lofthouse

Episode 14 | 15 February 2020
With Ben Lofthouse of Henderson International Income Trust

The View from the Trenches: The year ahead

Episode 13 | 24 January 2020
With Niall Pearson, Director, Head Of Corporate Broking & Sales at Hybridan

The View from the Trenches: The shrinking IPO market

Episode 12 | 10 December 2019
With Niall Pearson, Director, Head Of Corporate Broking & Sales at Hybridan

Taking the multi-cap approach with Laura Foll of Lowland Investment Company

Episode 11 | 2 December 2019
With Laura Foll, Co-Manager of the Lowland Investment Company

Making a million slowly with the UK’s first ISA millionaire

Episode 10 | 22 November 2019
With Lord Lee of Trafford

53 years of dividend growth with Job Curtis

Episode 9 | 11 November 2019
With Job Curtis, Manager of City of London Investment Trust

How to diversify and de-risk through alternative assets

Episode 8 | 26 September 2019
With Alex Barr of Henderson Alternative Strategies Trust

Uncovering the best European stocks with Jamie Ross

Episode 7 | 23 August 2019
With Jamie Ross, Manager of Henderson EuroTrust

Evil Knievil: the UK’s most infamous short-seller

Episode 6 | 15 August 2019
With Evil Knievil

Hunting for opportunities with James Henderson

Episode 5 | 17 July 2019
With James Henderson of Janus Henderson Investors

Investing through the looking glass with Tim Price

Episode 4 | 19 June 2019
With Tim Price

Looking East for income

Episode 3 | 4 June 2019
With Mike Kerley, Manager of Henderson Far East Income Limited

UK stocks: Unloved and undervalued

Episode 2 | 21 May 2019
With David Smith, Manager of Henderson High Income Trust

Searching for Money Fountains with Jim Mellon

Episode 1 | 14 May 2019
With Jim Mellon

Introducing Master Investors

1 May 2019
With James Faulkner