After a better-than-expected Q1, will the U.K. investment climate remain encouraging?

Episode 104 | 27 March 2024 | Length: 00:22:42

Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis

With economic indicators suggesting the U.K. isn’t in as dire a condition as predicted, inflation tamed and the possibility of an interest rate cut just who are the beneficiaries?

In this Master Investor webinar, Jonathan Davis talks to Sarah Lowther about how a reduction in the Bank of England’s base rate could provide a fillip to the stock markets as it offers relief to companies with stretched balance sheets and stimulates the property market.

They discuss the perils of elevating fund managers into rock stars and unpick both the open-ended funds and investment trusts that are doing well and the renewables vehicles on course for a rebound. Davis calls out JP Morgan’s Global Growth & Income Trust, Greencoat UK Wind and Bluefield Solar Income Fund as investments that have provided solid returns. 

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you buy them and own them, you’re going to get something like nine or ten percent compounded return over a period of years,” says Davis who reminds investors that at the same time “You’re doing something for the country. You’re doing something for climate change.”

Davis suggests the second quarter of 2024 may not see an extension of the optimism that has buoyed UK markets so far this year. He does though encourage adopting a long-term strategy to combat any short-term frothiness in stock exchanges. 

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