The opportunities and challenges of becoming a public company

Episode 36 | 7 October 2021 | Length: 01:00:44

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Following the historical low of 2019, public markets in the UK are experiencing something of a resurgence in IPO activity at present, with 2021 already exceeding the volume of IPOs in 2020. Strong investor demand combined with a greater range of listing options offered by the London Stock Exchange and the Aquis Exchange has made the prospect of going public more attractive to companies seeking growth and investment, but notable disappointments such as Deliveroo have demonstrated that successful floatations are not a given, mistakes can seriously hamper a floatation.

This insightful webinar examines the process, benefits and potential pitfalls for companies considering going public. A panel of experts in the legal, financial and logistical aspects of IPOs is sharing their valuable knowledge and experience and addressing the pressing questions of the businesses who may be considering this as an option for the future.

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