VCTs - tax efficient alternatives in uncertain times

Episode 82 | 31 March 2023 | Length: 00:25:53

Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis

Master Investor’s Jonathan Davis and Sarah Lowther talk about why March 2023 was a mega merger month, and why there’s so much consolidation in the broking sector and activity in the private equity space.

Davis advises those with surplus income and the younger investor to consider venture capital trusts as they ‘essentially’ give investors tax breaks. “They are very risky,” says Davis, “but they do provide a very tax efficient alternative for higher risk, smaller company investment.”

With predictions of ‘more trouble to come’ for the UK economy and investment landscape, Davis describes the economy as a head-scratching conundrum with the consumer demonstrating resilience against a backdrop of higher interest rates and energy prices.

Jonathan and Sarah also wax lyrical about the state of Royal Mail, and columnist A N Wilson’s dark childhood boarding school experiences which contrasted with the light of his father’s eccentricity.

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