Commodities Investing: Lean into inflation, spend time in the market and research the fundamentals

Episode 53 | 6 May 2022 | Length: 00:23:49

Simon Popple

Simon Popple

Do we lean into inflation or panic? Commodity investment expert Simon Popple advises invest in areas that are going to go up in price.  Think fuel, think energy and think about the opportunities that some well-run mining companies will present to those not risk averse and those with the time to do their research.

Popple is founder of Brookville Capital, a service dedicated to educating about commodities, portfolio diversification and stock recommendations including Chalice Mining which has increased ’65 times’ since Popple’s endorsement.

In this podcast he shares his BRIDGE stock analysis technique, and belief that investors should ‘spend time in the market instead of timing the market.’ Simon also gifts viewers and listeners of this Master Investor interview with an inflation busting exclusive discount code to his weekly Brookville Capital Intelligence Report.

Download Simon’s presentation slides.

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