AI will be revolutionary for Cerillion and its customers

Episode 101 | 12 December 2023 | Length: 00:13:10

Louis Hall

Louis Hall

In addition to expanding resources to accommodate its growing register of really large and regular customers, Cerillion PLC (LON:CER) has added Generative AI into its product set which gives clients more tools to monetise existing infrastructure.

“It’s going to be revolutionary across the board”, says founder and chief executive Louis Hall, and he should know. He’s been with the billing, charging and customer relationship management software solutions provider for over two decades and has been quick to adopt and provide initiatives for customers looking for economical solutions that can be deployed quickly.

“A task that might take a good product marketing person, a couple of days sometimes can be completed within minutes”, says Hall who recognises that AI is just as useful a tool for Cerillion itself ‘in terms of productivity in developing and maintaining software’.

With the most recent figures showing record financial performance, the GenAI offering is one device dedicated to protecting Cerillion’s long-term recurring revenue growth.

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