Artisanal Spirits Company: maturing into a highly profitable premium spirits group

Episode 93 | 27 September 2023 | Length: 00:12:48

Andrew Dane

Andrew Dane

The Artisanal Spirits Company (LON: ART) creates and sells what it describes as “outstanding limited edition whiskies and experiences around the world.” It does so primarily through its Scotch Malt Whisky Society established some 40 years ago.

Crucially, Artisanal is not a distillery or a primary producer. It buys from a huge range of distilleries and has just bottled from its 157th malt whisky distillery.

Chief Executive Andrew Dane says Artisanal’s space within the global whisky market is in the ultra-premium price point of typically over £40 a bottle. “That part of the market is really significant and growing. It’s over $8 billion and three quarters of that global market is in the markets in which we already have a presence.”

The business is globally diversified with a recent franchise opening in South Korea attracting 300 members in 90 minutes.

Ultimately, Dane says the business is “about creating a highly profitable, highly cash-generative global premium spirits group, and we look to expand the ways that we can reach a broader audience, while keeping the society at the core of what we do.”

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