CentralNic Group - fast-growing technology company with 'plenty of blue sky ahead'

Episode 57 | 1 June 2022 | Length: 00:35:02

Ben Crawford

Ben Crawford

​CentralNic Group PLC (AIM:CNIC) global operator and developer of software systems reports on its fantastic start to the year. Revenues were up 86% to $156.6m ($84.4m), its adjusted EBITDA was 83% better at $18.5m ($10.1m), its operating profit was $10.0m ($1.4m), while its net debt was down 18% to $61.3m.

The figures reflect the potential of its strong marketplace for Online Presence and Online Marketing services.

Ben Crawford, CEO of CentralNic Group PLC, joins us to discuss its successes, the future and what potential acquisitions may lie ahead.

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