Is 'Sell in May' the right advice for coronation month?

Episode 83 | 27 April 2023 | Length: 00:19:11

Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis

In their monthly gossip about the markets and dominant actors puppeteering the investment stage, Master Investor’s Jonathan Davis and Sarah Lowther consider whether it’s worth following legacy advice about selling up in May and returning in October.

May 2023 also coincides with the UK’s first royal coronation in seventy years, so will this noble event invigorate the market? Davis suggests the coming month might be dull unless China invades Taiwan when the advice would be ‘it’s better to panic early’, but 2023 as a whole he suggests could be shaped by the amount of debt being held by the US, UK and European governments.

Davis and Lowther also talk about the highlights of the recent Master Investor Show, hoodwinking a young investment guru and the companies that are the gate keepers of ‘affordable’ and regulated alternative assets of the luxurious kind.

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