You Snooze… You Lose

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You Snooze… You Lose

Just to re-cap on my positons since last Friday’s post.

I’m still long BHP Billiton (BLT) at 1,334p. It rose to 1,380p and backed down with the markets, yet I still feel that around the 1,300p mark is the bottom for this stock and my target is 1,500/1,600p in the medium term and 2,000p plus in the long term. This weakness could be seen as a buying opportunity.

I’m still long Lloyds (LLOY), at 87p with a target of 94p.

I went long on Poundland (PLND) last Friday at 321p. It rose c.10p to 333p today and I feel 360/370p is a very reasonable target for this great company. I feel it is a screaming buy.

As suspected, the news that TESCO (TSCO) is getting its act together was not that great after all. I will wait for it to hit 200p to go long for a short-term trade or rise up to 217/219p to place a short – unless there is some news to sway it in a bullish or bearish direction.

I feel the Greece situation will be resolved for now and that the bull market will resume in the second half of this year. If the problem is not solved we could be looking at a market crash situation. Yet I still feel we are not going to see a crash till we have touched DJIA 20,000 by this Christmas. Indeed, I am a very lonely voice in this call but I am sticking to my guns here.

If I were to choose a stock market to invest in to protect my money, I would choose the US markets, as expensive as they look. I feel there is a game plan to transfer stock market wealth to the USA. We could be looking at a situation where the European markets fall and yet the US markets continue to rise and Greece must be the catalyst for the move to take a more dramatic turn.

Good luck

All in my humble opinion and no investment advice intended


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