They want it and they’ll get it: DJIA 20,000 by Christmas & a short on PLUS500

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They want it and they’ll get it: DJIA 20,000 by Christmas & a short on PLUS500

An unprecedented amount of money has been created in recent times, but lots of it has no proper home to go to. Property is risky, the bond market will blow up, rest assured, interest rates pay nothing (and will continue paying nothing into the distant future), commodities remain risky, and oil will not be going anywhere as long as Putin remains president.

So equities remain the place to park money, and I would say US equities more than the most… There is a transfer of stock market wealth taking place from all over the globe into the US equity markets. DJIA 20,000 is a given by Christmas this year and the bull is very likely to continue in the US and leave the rest of the world indices behind somewhat in the next 2 to 3 years. This means I’m long S&P (target 2,200) and Long DJIA (target 20,000) and indeed long FTSE with a 7,500 target. Why 20,000? Because we have not come thus far to give up without getting to a big number – this will be a stepping platform to jump from in the future if there is indeed any pull back…

and yup I am short PLUS500. I have looked into the who and what of the firm; I do not trust the people who run it and I feel it is going down. It was set up to do exactly what it has just done…one word comes to mind… dodgy.

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THE INTUITIVE TRADER… Andre Minassian started trading as a retail investor 11 years ago. Some​ six months into his trading, he discovered that conventional methods of predicting the stock markets, i.e  the technical and the fundamentals alone, simply did not help him make profitable trades . According to Andre, whatever news and data that is put out there to the public and almost all market calls by the big players is simply to move the retail investor in the direction which they want him/her to move. Consequently, he decided to ignore all broker forecasts, most market data – in short all noise created out there – and look for the macro geopolitical & economic Game Plans and Agendas which, according to him, control and decide market directions.

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