Evil Knievil: This will be an interesting trial or two

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Evil Knievil: This will be an interesting trial or two
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Some would say that Trump calling Stormy Daniels Horseface is ungallant. I think it is inaccurate since she strikes me as having a tremendous body topped by an attractive head. Of course, Trump is only lying since he thinks that that is the clever thing to do. What the Americans will make of it in retrospect remains to be seen: it can’t be favourable.


ASOS (LON:ASC) duly ploughs on up. Goodness knows why. At least I am not short. (Be it noted that BOO matches the party moves.)


It was Peter Lilley who pointed out some years ago that the anti-frackers want the gas to stay down there forever. So all this protest about earthquakes etc. is so much horse to make their campaign acceptable. Just wait until Vlad turns off the supply to Western Europe. The citizenry will then thank the anti-frackers no end. Not.


Finally, quite what the bankers who lent to Patisserie Valerie (LON:CAKE) thought they were doing in lending the lolly I have no idea. But the sequence is that the CAKE officer who asked for the overdrafts must have forged board minutes requesting the bank to open the accounts. This will be an interesting trial or two.

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  • JG says:

    Makes every sense to use Vlad’s gas first and leave ours as a strategic reserve. What will happen if our gas is hissed away and then we have to pay Danegeld plus to Vlad and Arabia?

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