Equiniti hits recovery milestone

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Equiniti hits recovery milestone
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FTSE 250 fintech business Equiniti (LON:EQN) has said that its asset reunification business ProSearch has reconnected £1 billion in unclaimed assets with investors. Around 900,000 individuals have benefited with an average value of over £1,000 and the largest find standing at more than £600,000.

ProSearch’s managing director Duncan Stevens said: “We work with share registrars, banks and building societies to reunite investors and shareholders with their unclaimed assets. Often the original investor, or their estate, is unaware they have money owed to them and, while typically it may just be a few hundred pounds, it is also common for it to be tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds.

“Despite all of the effort that goes into tracing and reuniting people there is still a significant number of investments that remain unclaimed. Therefore, if you think there may be an unclaimed asset in either your name or that of a relative who has passed away, you should investigate as you may get a welcome surprise. By registering your details with ProSearch, we will be able to search your details against all of the unclaimed assets that are being investigated and will be able to contact you directly to pass on any good news.

Shares in Equiniti rose by 0.95% to 212.50 (as of 15:30 BST).


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