Evil Diaries: No More DARKtrace

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Evil Diaries: No More DARKtrace

Every now and then one can be seriously surprised. And just that occurred to me this morning with the announcement of an agreed bid from Bravo for DARKtrace at $7.75 or 620p per share.

Bravo have of course dabbled round this target some months ago. So what has caused them then to close talks only to revive the plan I can only guess. I suppose it must be the AI fever that has gripped capital markets in recent months.

Anyway I closed at 617p and have opened the gin bottle to nurse my wounded pride. I apologise to punters and readers who were persuaded to open a short by my persistent disbelief in the figures that were published.


More bits have come in this last week concerning DCMS/Gambling Commission affordability checks. Believe it or not a few weeks ago Rich Ricci who made well over £100m when he worked at Barclays tried to put on a horserace bet of £500. He was turned down since the checks had not been carried out – he would have had to supply copies of bank statements which neither time nor self-respect could possibly have permitted. So he placed the bet elsewhere – presumably overseas where these absurd checks are not in force.

DCMS have advised me in writing (on 23rd April 2024) that they will not reply to my correspondence in which I criticise them since, as matters stand, there would be nothing new to consider.


Finally, I have been reading Politics On The Edge by Rory Stewart. It is astonishing as to how badly politicians govern Britain. So many of them just guess and pose. The eye-popper so far has been the conduct of Liz Truss who is a very second rate poseur. Clearly, she should never have been promoted to ministerial office and, as for finding herself as prime minister, words fail me. I trust Rory Stewart’s account and judgement.

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