Evil Diaries: Any bIDS On The Way?

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Evil Diaries: Any bIDS On The Way?

There has been some unexplained matters at International Distribution Services (IDS). For instance, I took a call at midday on Wednesday from a punter expressing his gratitude for putting him on to IDS. I was surprised since the price was 215p that morning. I then learnt that the price was 255p. Since there was no explanation (volume was fairly slight) I could not persuade myself to trade.

However, late in he afternoon it emerged that the Czech Mr Daniel Kretinsky had been turned down on 11th April by the board of IDS when he had sought an agreed bid of 320p. Indeed the board considers that 320p is below a reasonable offer. My guess remains about 400p. Clearly some punter or punters elected to jump the gun when buying on Wednesday morning. Why the election?

Anyway, IDS remains a stonking buy at under 300p.


As is well known to some readers I have given up on the Conservative Party. It is peopled by total lunatics who keep popping up to prove their profound absurdity. For instance, I understand that the betting affordability checks in force mean that some members of the Saudi royal family turned up at one of the major London casinos only to learn that unless they were to explain where their money came from the casino in question could not accept their money (money-laundering reviews). So since no evidence was provided by these royals they presumably took their business elsewhere – no doubt outside the UK.

This is the Gambling Commission in practice. Truly Lucy Frazer KC and company at DCMS are insane. And we all have to pay for it.

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