The Evil Diaries: The Person from Porlock

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The Evil Diaries: The Person from Porlock

As some readers know, the Person from Porlock came to Coleridge’s door as he was writing Kubla Khan. The interruption caused Coleridge to lose his train of thought with disastrous circumstances. I am a little sceptical of this since some years ago I dreamt an absolutely rollicking farce along the lines of the best Noel Coward and, in my sleep, resolved to write it all down in the morning. When I awoke I couldn’t remember a damn thing. It was all lost and, in retrospect, I wonder if anything was there in the first place.

Anyway, I am now a person from Porlock in that Family Cawkwell – all twenty of us including spouses acquired along the way – are ensconced in a mansion set on the side of a valley whose base boasts Porlock Bowls Club amongst other sporting facilities. The weather has been kind and the only interruption has been the RAF’s last two fighters practising flat out overhead twice a day.

The market continues to astonish. And the only disappointment is Pantheon (PANR)‘s flat performance. I am told that there has been a delay but no damage to its long term prospects. The RNS is tomorrow (perhaps).

I do not know why William Hill (WMH) languishes – it ought surely to be a lot higher than 330p.

Finally, I sold out of Petro Matad (MATD) at 3.1p on average. This was probably a mistake.

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