The Evil Diaries: “I do not claim that it is a shoo-in”

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The Evil Diaries: “I do not claim that it is a shoo-in”

Just for the hell of it I bought 300,000 Petro Matad (MATD) at 3p. It is true that I have a sentimentally favourable disposition towards this stock since I made several hundred thousand pounds on it a few years ago (both up and down). However, I am not entirely stupid since Shell is perhaps to pay £12m cash to disengage from its commitments there and all the drilling licence benefits revert to MATD. These might be worth as much a further £10m. However, all this is speculation and I do not claim that it is a shoo-in. On balance below 5p looks cheap to me since at 3.25p MATD is capitalised at £10m.


About fifteen years ago, at a national newspaper Christmas drinks party where excess had taken a hold, a smallish journo came up to the editor, a woman, and advised that he would like to fuck her. She replied “Well, if you do and I catch you, you’ll be in serious trouble.”

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