Every now and then the sun breaks through

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Every now and then the sun breaks through

Every now and then the sun breaks through: today’s Times reports that Tom Hayes’s case is to be reviewed by the Criminal Cases Review Commission. Just on the central points raised by The Times it is amazing to me that he was ever convicted let alone sentenced to a staggering fourteen years (subsequently reduced by the Court of Appeal to eleven and a half years).

Anyway, his Asperger’s syndrome and its applicability is now to be properly considered along with the curious inconsistency in the outcomes of the alleged Libor-rigging trials and the even more extraordinary conduct of the SFO’s expert witness.

Finally, it has never been explained why Tom’s managers got clean away with it (whatever “it” was) when he was constantly reporting to them.


Wayne Marques, the British Transport Policeman who held three Islamist nutters at London Bridge for perhaps a minute and a half until police marksmen could arrive and kill them outright without further ado, deserves an instant George Medal. Such exceptional courage and dedication to duty is very rare.


Molins (LON:MLIN) keeps on being rerated although I incline to the view that a few days’ rest is in order. The Equity Development note of two days ago posits a price right now of 180p and, eventually, by, say, 2020, 400p.


Finally, I think SixHundred (LON:SIXH) should report before 14th July. This is still 13p to buy. I can’t prove it but this seems a screaming buy – as I have highlighted in this column before.

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  • Ross Davidson says:


    Is it possible that you have made an arithmetic error in regard to Molins!
    You are correct in stating that Equity Development have a 400p target based on 1-2 times turnover.

    With 20m shares valued at £4 the company would be valued at £80m. If this is 1.5x turnover, it implies a figure for turnover of £53m, very close to the protected value for turnover in 2018 it of £54.8m.

    In effect, ED look to have their 400p target for 2018.

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