The forthcoming global cyber-war – and who will win

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The forthcoming global cyber-war – and who will win

On 12 May this year a virulent piece of ransomware was unleashed upon the globe by persons yet unknown. In the UK, hospital computers were rendered inoperable. Renault (EPA:RNO) was forced to shut down car production at some of its plants in France. Russian government websites went down. German railway station information panels were blanked and Spanish telephones operated by Telefónica (BME:TEF) went dead.

We all knew that cyber-security was a major issue in the current world, but this brought the issue to the front pages for the next few days. This was only the latest and most widespread manifestation of a problem that has been with us for some time – that of cyber-security. The issue raises so many questions. Can the big software powerhouses ever stop the hackers? What preventive action can we take – and who are the rising stars in cyber-security?

And who is the enemy anyway? Should we be more afraid of enemy governments that have the power to cripple our infrastructure at the press of a button; or are the ruthless cyber-pirates even worse?

But let’s not panic – for now at least. It turns out that there are some astonishing companies out there working on solutions to this problem. And that means there are good investment opportunities for the sharp-witted.

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