Invest in the Best with “Buffettology” – A book review

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Invest in the Best with “Buffettology” – A book review

There are scores of books for sale about the life, successes and investment philosophies of Warren Buffett. A quick search in the book section on for the Sage of Ohama’s name brings up no less than 5,591 relevant results. From classic read The Snowball, to collections of his timeless shareholder letters, along with hundreds of investment guides, readers are spoilt for choice. So is there really room on the market for yet another Buffett based book?  

When its author is a top performing fund manager, and considered to be one of the foremost authorities on the investment guru, then answer is clearly, yes.

From outer-space to outperformance

Invest in the Best’s author, Keith Ashworth-Lord, is a man of many talents. He graduated with a degree in Astrophysics, then obtained a Masters in Management Studies before embarking on a career in the investment markets. Over 30 years he has worked in a variety of roles, winning a clutch of awards for his stock picking skills along the way. However, his current focus is Investment Director at Sanford DeLand Asset Management, which he set up in 2010.

The firm’s flagship product is the Buffettology Fund, notable for being the only fund to have a licence to use the trademarked “Buffettology” name – trademark owner Mary Buffett (Warren’s former daughter in law) was so impressed with Ashworth-Lord that she gave him the go ahead to use it. By applying the Business Perspective Investing methodology practised by Buffett himself, as well as Benjamin Graham, the UK focussed fund has delivered excellent returns and significantly outperformed its benchmark since launch in March 2011 (see chart below). Current holdings include small cap favourites Domino’s Pizza, Dart Group and Bioventix….

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