Gold has perked up

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Gold has perked up

Rather to my surprise (I needed surprising) gold has perked up this morning. I bought more. If the Catalonians today elect to backpedal on independence the final collapse of the Euro (and thus the perfect backdrop for a vertiginous rise of gold) is deferred. Thus some would say that it is premature to buy gold. But the Catalans are only backpedalling for now….


Hexagon AB (STO:HEXA-B)‘s CEO, a Mr Rollen, is supposed to get it in the neck big time in the next few days. Thereafter Hexagon is in big trouble. There is still time to get short. Now 405 Skr.


I bought more Clear Leisure (LON:CLP) last week and yet the stock still languishes at 1.15p. If I am right that a fairer valuation is perhaps between 1.5p and 1.75p it is time to move.


Sheffield University is claimed to be a real university. However, I think they are a bunch of cowardly fools. Here I am indebted to Rod Liddle who advises that a Cameroonian (Cameroon, it must be conceded, is not the home of legally accepted gay sex), one Felix Ngole, having completed half of a two year course in social work, has been chucked out of Sheffield University since he, quite separately from his course, contributed to an online debate on whatever with an extract from Leviticus to the effect that gay sex is an abomination. Be it noted that this was ol’ Leviticus’s opinion and certainly not that of Mr Ngole whose own views have so far never been aired or tested.

Mr Ngole took his dismissal to the university authorities and several months on finds that the High Court agrees that this matter should now go to judicial review. The cost of all this must be eye-watering and could have been avoided had the university’s authorities told the complainant to stop talking drivel and push off. Such a robust and very economical approach might have put the university’s officers engaged in such decisiveness in fear of losing their own jobs. That would of course never do.

The trouble is that many universities have far too much money and time on their hands. This problem is compounded by the fact that they are managed by abject weeds.


Finally, it is often currently said that capitalism is dead. But how would those so claiming know? After all we have not had capitalism in this country for many many years. Capitalism means using your own capital and judging what is sensible as you go. However, in this country, the state (as commanded by the EU) has long determined the legal framework of work. It’s not capitalism that should be criticised but state intervention and the failure of the state to recognise its failure.

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  • Andy McTavish says:

    simon no mention of JOG this morning do you still hold????(Shares up 361% currently @£2.60 🙂

    Sept 11th Comment
    And this morning I saw the collapse of Jersey Oil and Gas (LON:JOG) to a capitalisation of £4m at 43p. I bought 50,000 for old times’ sake at 43p.

  • Terry says:

    You are lookinking in the wrong place with gold.
    Take a look at Model’s actions in India since November last year alongside the price action of gold.
    Bear in mind India is the tax friendly place for Middle Eastern buyers.

  • John East says:

    Awesome farsightedness with your punt @43p in JOG in your September 11th Blog po
    Check out the price today as at Oct 10th 2017…….A..Maz…ing !

    BXP seems to following the same path of , not in favour and yet building a major profitable company whilst no one is looking, until one fine day it explodes upwards.

  • John East says:

    Awesome farsightedness with your punt @43p in JOG on Sept 11th
    Check out the price today as at Oct 10th 2017

    A….M….azing !!!

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