God help me

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God help me

Every time the doorbell goes I fear that it is a courier-sped P45 from the chairman. For I it was who urged him to put £100,000 (I do not know whether he took this advice – after all, he may be wise) on Clinton at around 4/9. Worse, I asked three people whom I respect in betting matters and the advice was unequivocally Trump at around 5/1. God help me. (I see in today’s Daily Mail that Vincent Tchenguiz won c. £1m on Trump. He clearly has advisers who are as good as mine but eggs the pudding by listening to them.)

However, I’d say one thing for Trump: he doesn’t half pick his mating partners from the super leg department and, consequentially, his daughters are also pretty sporting.

Finally, at this merely physical level, it was hard to escape the slowly comprehending and taciturn face of his 10 year old son Barron. I’m sure we’ll hear more of him in due course.

That all noted, the money button on Tuesday night cleaned up big time. At one stage Dow was down 850 points. This was ridiculous and I climbed aboard FTSE. Similarly, I sold my gold long position out at $1,318 (but have now repurchased it at $1,280).


In the light of the improved outlook for American/Russian relations and the gold price I am astonished that Petropavlosk (LON:POG) is virtually unchanged from two days ago. Surely, POG is a raving buy at 8.75p.


Finally, I shorted Mitie (LON:MTO) this morning at 220p. The new CEO’s arrival has prompted a recovery but I still expect MTO to revert to form. I am paying 4% p.a. to borrow stock.

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  • Dave Robertson says:

    Do you think it might be advisable to tuck away a few more Regent Pacific now, pre-launch of Fortacin?

    • I am sorry but I really have no idea.

      • Dave Robertson says:

        More bought, so will have to wait and see now.
        For something with so much potential it doesn’t seem to be attracting very much attention, if it does resemble, even in part, the success of Viagra it’s a steal. My thinking is that with social media phenomenon now to spread the word sales will rocket very quickly ( this is an advantage Viagra obviously didn’t have).

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