Evil Knievil: Hairy Riding

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Evil Knievil: Hairy Riding

Clear Leisure (LON:CLP): I am now flat but I am far from certain that I have done the right thing. I still think that Francesco Gardin is a highly intelligent and innovative fellow but I find this Bitcoin manufacture surge seriously barmy. Further, there is no doubt that CLP buyers want more surging (sometimes referred to as the greater fool theory) rather than economic developments to hold sway.

Amryt (LON:AMYT) announce today a delay in bringing its EB cream to market. but there is no evidence that there is any technical blockage. So, for me, AMYT is still a buy at 220p.

Amigo (LON:AMGO) is in the High Court tomorrow to see the Scheme of Arrangement authorised by the judge. Some regard this as a hurdle whereas I do not. Still a buy at under 20p.

I have increased my short position in GameStop (LON:GME) since the current price, well above $50, bears no resemblance to economic possibility. It just that the punters are not investing. They are simply gambling on chips of their own making. It’s a hairy ride but well worth it in the long term.

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