Evil Knievil: A sporting bet

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Evil Knievil: A sporting bet

I first bought Sportech (LON:SPO) about three years ago at around 40p. They hit 15p a few weeks back. But I am assured that they have valuable tote rights in America. This morning they announced a possible offer at 28.5p. This leaves them at 28p offer in the market. 

However, I reckon they might receive a proper bid at 40p or even more. I understand Trevor Hemmings, the owner of the Blackpool Tower, wants well north of 40p.

I bought 500,000 this morning at 28p.

Simon Cawkwell, AKA Evil Knievil, with his latest trading and gambling exploits – writing exclusively for Master Investor.

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  • Philip Pickett says:

    Dear Mr Knievil, any updates or fresh info on the keenly tipped CIHL? It would be very much appreciated, thank you

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