Evil Diaries: Logistics R US

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Evil Diaries: Logistics R US

This morning’s half year results for Beximco Pharma (BXP) were sparkling – up 40%. There is no sign of the non-stop pace of achievement here. Still a buy at 110p.


Peloton (PTON on Nasdaq) stand at c. $23. Still a raving sell. Although readers may just prefer to keep it simple and stay short of Tesla (TSLA).


Logistics Development Group (LDG) may boast nav of 18p. It’s all cash and no debt. And the management are understandably buying in the equity. Pay up to 14p and do not even think about it.


Let there be no doubt as to Putin’s intentions. If he thinks that by pushing he can get away with it, push he will.


Finally, I do wish the proles wasting everybody’s time calling for an investigation of parties (alleged) at 10 Downing Street would grow up.

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  • Bob Mackintosh says:

    Putin is seriously concerned that the EU and NATO is making a grab for what Russia has aways considered to be its back yard. If I were in his shoes, I would feel that some strong action was warranted too.
    Some protection arrangement for eastern Ukraine may be feasible; or Russia may aim to annexe it, as with Crimea. But that would still leave Kiev uncomfortably close to Moscow.
    The whole thing is a real can of worms.

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