Evil Diaries: Even A Dog Can Be Useful

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Evil Diaries: Even A Dog Can Be Useful

I caught up with Gabriel Grigo on DarkTrace (DARK) and, as a result, I am reassured as to the validity of the bear stance. It is just a matter of time. Interestingly, the DARK IR manager is married to the analyst at Berenberg who posits a 600p target price. I am not declaring that because these two are married they would suppress a truth or indeed the truth about DARK. But it would be hard to claim that the average investor should not be entitled to be sceptical.


En passant Gabriel mentioned that some mad interventionist bird is currently opposing every (or almost every) takeover in the US bid with the result that the target is underpriced. Eventually, of course, the law overrides the bird – thus handing a profit to the bulls.


India’s economy is clearly going gangbusters. But for economies gangbusting must entail the granting of credit. And here is the thing: in India there is in practical terms no law to permit collection of debts due – for instance the arrears of commercial cases in the New Delhi courts are many decades long. Mind you, it is not much better here.


Some say that every dog is allowed one bite. I disagree since my younger daughter, then seven years old, bent over to pat the head of some yapping canine belonging to our then neighbour. For this she was rewarded with a bite to her lower lip which tore the lip down about one inch. I then turned to the neighbour’s insurer and, eventually, I rocked up at some barrister’s chambers to be handed a cheque for £1,300.

Here things looked up since, having got clearance from the barrister to invest as I saw fit, I stuck the lot on the favourite for the following Saturday’s 2,000 Guineas. This all rolled up for my family to about £1m. This was when £1m could buy one a proper property. Still, I would rather the bite had never occurred in the first place.

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  • TonyA says:

    If the £1 million went to your daughter, with an appropriate fee to yourself for managing these transactions, it probably helped her feel a bit better about the lip.

    £1,300 converting to £1 million implies the 2000 Guineas favourite was around 769:1, which seem rather generous of the bookies. Or am I missing something?

  • Frank Ifield says:

    What’s your view now on Orosur? You said it was a buy below 20p. It’s currently 2.5p

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