Evil Diaries: Deluded No More

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Evil Diaries: Deluded No More

Shattered illusion: I was brought up on Pat Reid’s Colditz in the late fifties but have in recent days tuned into Ben McIntyre’s Colditz on BBC Radio 4’s Book Of The Week. It was rather disappointing to learn that Douglas Bader was in fact such an unutterable boor when all I had to go on was the resolute character portrayed by Kenneth More in Reach For The Sky.


Today’s Daily Mail advises that HMG is holding 40,000 completely unemployed asylum seekers at a cost of £6m a day. This is a truly staggering sum. Perhaps it is time for Archbishop Welby to apologise for his openly expressed view that Priti Patel’s Rwanda plan was “ungodly”. Such a view supposes that there must be a godly solution. Therefore the Archbishop has a duty to tell us what this is and what are the costs. He is trained in financial analysis.


BooHoo (BOO) is clearly a pretty unpleasant employer if today’s Times is to be believed. I am not closing my short.


Finally, the chairman’s Webis (WEB) is continuing to sort out its portfolio of North American gambling opportunities. But it is still cash out rather than the other way round. When will this stop?

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  • carlmoggridge@yahoo.co.uk says:

    any thoughts on how cheap beximco has become?

  • Peta Seel says:

    Douglas Bader was indeed a very unpleasant man. My late husband suffered painful knee problems for decades. After one major operation he was due to attend a dinner at which Bader was the guest speaker. When he arrived, on crutches, Bader looked him up and down and in a loud voice told him to stop being a wimp, follow his example and just throw away his crutches. My husband was furious but always quick off the mark, so he told Bader that someone with no legs to be painful was not in a position to offer advice!

  • Norman Weiss says:

    Dear Simon
    How many illegal immigrants now seek to enter Australia? The answer is zero. This is because any who attempt the ocean crossing are housed indefinitely on a barren island many hundreds of miles from the mainland. Now, none make the attempt and consequently no one drowns. This is therefore a very “Godly” policy. Similarly, sending our illegal immigrants to Rwanda, should produce a significant reduction in deaths in the English Channel and likewise, very close to God!

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