Evil Knievil: Bosh from Johnson

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Evil Knievil: Bosh from Johnson
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Normally, a visit to our GP entails getting in a queue. But yesterday my wife rocked up in the morning and on time to find that there was nobody there at all. Covid19 seems highly beneficial.


Johnson has lied about expecting to reduce the cost of HS2 by £34bn. But he will only prove to have done so long after he has left office. So that’s alright then.


Caribbean (LON:CIHL) creeps up. Now 31p bid. Still very cheap.


Keith Daley reports that things are going well at Checkit (LON:CKT). This makes CKT cheap at under 45p.


Finally, Clear Leisure (LON:CLP) this morning reports that its Italian legal position is improved. This makes CLP a good punt at under 0.45p.

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  • Paul says:

    HS2 is an incredible waste
    19th century tech just to reduce the time from Birmingham to London by 20 mins,
    Not that we in Birmingham want to go to London
    Why bother when we can shop and do business all over the world with the magic of the internet. It’s a price we have to pay baffoon Boris for getting rid of the madness of the EU

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