Jim Mellon Urges Voters to “Wake Up” and Leave EU

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Jim Mellon Urges Voters to “Wake Up” and Leave EU

Entrepreneur, fund manager, author, economist and star Master Investor contributor Jim Mellon has urged UK voters to “wake up” and leave the sinking ship that is the European Union in the referendum on 23rd June.

Jim pointed to the economies of France and Italy, both of which are mired in debt traps, as the “key factors” driving the imminent implosion of the Eurozone.

It is Jim’s “firm belief” that the next 3-5 years will see a “big problem” in European bond markets, which will lead to a collapse in the Euro and a continent-wide depression. Britain would do well to watch from the sidelines as a non-member of the EU, argues Jim, for fear of being dragged into further bailouts should it remain a member.

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