A year’s worth of investment insights

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A year’s worth of investment insights

Spend one day at Master Investor Show and benefit your investment strategy for the next 364 days

Countering the notion that investing is a dull affair, Master Investor Show gets thousands of ordinary private investors to head to Islington, London on a Saturday morning. Now in its 16th year, the event initially began with a focus on AIM-listed companies and has since grown into a much broader affair.

Visitors now benefit from multiple investment sectors being covered, including equity funds and retirement saving, crowdfunding, life sciences and fintech, and alternative finance such as film funding and peer-to-peer lending. Below we offer an exclusive preview of what visitors can expect to see on 17 March.

Beat the market with listed shares

As always, the CEOs of a range of successful public companies will attend the event. Master Investor Show has a reputation for working with winners:

AIM-listed growth company: The Singapore-based airplane leasing firm, Avation plc, has steadily risen from 60p in 2013 to 240p today, a 300% gain in 4 years. The company is a regular at our show, giving delegates the opportunity to track its progress every year. It’s set for more growth, and one of the show’s regular star speakers, Jim Mellon, holds Avation shares in his retirement portfolio.

Listed cryptocurrency play: Our 2017 show featured SatoshiPay, a German crypto-payment start-up. Delegates learned that they could invest into the privately-held company through a secret backdoor, AIM-listed Blue Star Capital, which holds a large stake in SatoshiPay. After last year’s show, shares in Blue Star Capital rose from 14p to up to 64p.

Blue chip investing: There is money to be made in the most liquid, widely-held European companies if you know which ones to pick. Deutsche Börse, the giant operator of stock exchanges across Europe, is among our regular exhibitors. Since our 2017 event, the share is up from €80 to €110 at time of writing.

A 6,733% return from a European share: This year’s show will feature the Budapest Stock Exchange. Exotic? It’s the second largest stock exchange in the EU’s fastest growing region, Central and Eastern Europe. One widely-known Hungarian company, KONZUM, rose in value 67-fold! What other potential star performers are there in Hungary and how can UK investors trade them? Learn it directly from the Budapest Stock Exchange team and some of the Hungarian companies they are bringing along.

Have you had such winners in your portfolio? Our delegates can learn directly from the companies’ representatives which ones have the best prospects. We even offer a yearly £10,000 stock picking competition to our delegates – more about this at the bottom of this article.

Discover the tools for achieving investment success

Master Investor doesn’t issue buy and sell recommendations. Instead, the show gives private investors the tools they need to make their own decisions and access to leading platforms, such as:

London South East: Event sponsor and the leading portal website for private investors will co-host all presentations on the Rising Stars Stage.

Vox Markets: This company aggregates investor relations information from a broad range of sources into a single platform. Its members can communicate with one another via messaging and keep up to date with financial markets via social media and stock market news feeds. This is a powerful tool used by asset managers, stock brokers, hedge fund managers and independent financial advisors. Private investors can use it, too. The Vox Markets team will be on stand-by to show you how to use their platform.

Edison: Offers private investors free access to over 400 equity research reports. Pick up some of their reports and speak to their team about using their free web-based tools for researching public company investments.

Investment insights from a powerhouse line-up of speakers

Master Investor Show is proud to host not just one, but four stages where delegates can listen to speakers throughout the day.

Our speaker programme is the best in the industry:

• Each stage has its own main theme.

• We work hard to minimise overlap between stages, allowing you to take in as much as possible.

• Our Show App allows you to plan which presentations to attend; or simply pick up the printed Show Guide on the day.

The Rising Stars Stage features companies that are traded on a stock market – i.e. anyone with a brokerage account can easily buy or sell these shares. The line-up of companies presenting in 10-minute slots on the ever-popular Rising Stars Stage includes Auxico Resources, Condor Gold plc and Cadence Minerals plc.

The Auditorium is heavily geared towards educational presentations. These presentations are usually 30 minutes long and last year led to queues forming outside for some of the presentations. Come early to secure yourself a seat for the presentations that interest you! Companies presenting in the Auditorium include Fidelity International, VectorVest and Atlantis Wealth.

We use the Gallery Suite to give presentation slots to companies that are active in alternative asset classes. This year, it will feature Avation plc, Netwealth Investments and Nova Financial.

The Main Stage once again forms the epicentre of the event. Watch out for presentations by Fidelity International’s Tom Stevenson, a widely recognised market strategist who also writes a column for the Daily Telegraph. Further speakers include QuotedData, TOTAL S.A., and the Budapest Stock Exchange.

Master Investor Show features around 100 exhibitors and 40 speaking slots. This year’s event will once again be packed out entirely, spoiling you with choice!

Learn about alternative asset classes

Publicly listed equities remain the main feature of Master Investor Show; however, the range of investments that private investors can choose from is bigger than ever before. We introduce our delegates to investments that can complement their portfolio and open up entirely new horizons for their investing.

LendInvest: This company is revolutionising property lending in the UK, and offers investors the opportunity to earn 5.25% p.a. from their publicly traded bond.

EVR Bullion: If you’d like insurance against crash scenarios, gold is still the world’s most highly rated safe haven. This company offers you the ability to purchase physical precious metals on the spot markets. Learn from them why this is the best deal for purchasing gold and other precious metals.

SyndicateRoom: The UK’s highest quality online equity crowdfunding platform, with a strong angle towards educating and informing their investor base. SyndicateRoom is a Master Investor Show regular and we urge attendees to speak to them about their current opportunities, including their new investment fund. According to recent research, a selection of 519 start-ups in the UK grew by 30% p.a. between 2011 and 2017. Had you invested £10,000 into this group of start-ups in 2011, your investment would now be worth £63,848.

Win £10,000 in our Stock Picking Competition

Starting a portfolio can appear like a daunting task. Yet, many successful investors started with a small amount of capital. Take Jim Mellon, the well-known entrepreneur now worth £920 million. When he started out in the investment business, he was so short on cash that he had to rent a windowless apartment. Fast-forward 30 years and Jim is one of the world’s most sought-after investment experts and features in the top 10% of the Sunday Times Rich List.

The charismatic Scotsman gives one participant of the annual event a fantastic financial boost: Jim personally writes the cheque to the delegate who correctly predicts which share out of 30 publicly listed companies exhibiting at the show will have the strongest share price performance over the coming 12 months. The winner gets a £10,000 prize at next year’s event.

With 4,000 delegates attending and 30 companies to choose from, anyone participating has excellent odds.

Entrants must be 18 years old, comply with the terms and conditions and, of course, attend the show on 17 March!

A must-attend event for all investors

Investing can be a daunting subject. Master Investor Show aims to break down the barriers between the finance industry and private investors. Some of our visitors have millions to invest, while others are still at the beginning of their investment career. All investments carry risks, and attending an event for a single day is not a one-way street to riches. However, Master Investor Show does provide access to opportunities and information that private investors can research further to make their own informed decisions. With two weeks to go, the show – the largest event of its kind in the UK – has already attracted over 3,000 registrations. Don’t miss out – book your place now.

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