The buyer is back in Ceres Power. Some questions for David Pummell, CEO…

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Questions for Mr David Pummell (CEO, supposedly) of Ceres Power as the buyer returns to Ceres – 

1. Almost 16% of your company has changed hands over the past 10 days – where is the RNS holding movement announcement?

2. When do you deem it fit to update your shareholders about the progress on the sale of the company?

3. What do you know about the persistent purchase of almost 8m shares last week around the 2.5p level?

4. Have you cut your salary in recent months or do you think it appropriate to continue to take a very handsome wage when you have presided over a monumental failure to secure the company’s future?

5. Why do you think you are above engaging with your shareholders in dialogue when they approach you?

6. Do you expect to ever run another public company? If so, please give me advance warning so I can short the hell out of it!


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