TOTAL secured as Master Investor Show exhibitor

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TOTAL secured as Master Investor Show exhibitor
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World’s 4th largest global oil and gas company to exhibit at Master Investor Show 2018 on Saturday March 17, 2018

Is there a Renaissance in public companies engaging with private investor audiences? One company that has decided to actively reach out to individual investors is TOTAL S.A., the €115bn market cap oil and gas company listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. Its investor relations team will exhibit at the upcoming Master Investor Show, held at London’s Business Design Centre on March 17, and connect with almost 5,000 private investors.

Companies such as TOTAL appreciate the stability and liquidity that private investors can bring to a public company. Private investors are less fickle than institutional investors, and less prone to herd-like behaviour during downturns. In turn, private investors can benefit from the investment proposition offered by large companies.

Should private investors look at such large companies at all, or wouldn’t it instead be easier for them to get exposure to these shares by simply investing into mutual funds? This is a widely held misconception. Blue Chip companies can offer investors superior investment income through an attractive dividend yield, without having to risk investing into unproven companies or illiquid shares. There are many other reasons why private investors should look beyond the likes of AIM and also take large caps into consideration as part of a healthy, balanced portfolio mix.

TOTAL will inform our attendees about their approach, and how the company already has 400,000 private investors among its shareholders. For attendees, it’s an opportunity to meet company representatives and ask questions directly, something that private investors would not usually have access to.

For this year’s event, we have secured a global line-up of public company exhibitors, ranging in market size from £5 million to £100 billion. Attendees will be able to meet listed companies from the UK, US, Canada, Germany, France, Hungary, and Australia. One of our four stages, the Rising Stars Stage, is dedicated exclusively to companies of which anyone can buy and sell shares on an international stock exchange. This stage is sponsored by London South East, the leading UK finance portal.

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