Evil Diaries: AI Profit On The Way

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Evil Diaries: AI Profit On The Way

I do not wish to bore readers catatonic by reciting my life under the NHS but in the light of last week ‘s revelations I should add that after the ambulance men had been sent away empty-handed on Friday it transpired that the appointment at Chelsea and Westminster which they very reasonably thought they were fulfilling was in fact cancelled four weeks ago by Chelsea and Westminster itself. I know this since that august institution had sent me a letter precisely to that effect four weeks ago.

I presume this utterly shambolic approach to everything is not confined to merely myself. Further, the aborted costs must be staggering. I have little doubt that some sort of payment by results system must be installed forthwith since the current approach is madness on the hoof. However, the idiots who are in a position to change conduct are ideologically wedded to failure.


Elsewhere the rush for the exit by rich citizens gathers pace. It is true that on arrival in, say, Monaco they are sleeping readily night after night since their lives are so boring. But, once the marginal rate of income tax went over 40%, economic failure became a prominent and creeping disease. The Conservatives went in for this failure since a lot of them thought that they would have to have tin ears not to respond to the siren calls to embrace failure. And of course Labour’s MPs knew their spouting tosh would cause the Conservatives to lose their common sense and so enhance Labour’s electoral prospects. It’s a pathetic state of affairs.


A chap who has become increasingly publicly recognised is Dr Michael Mosley. He has lately been broadcasting Just One Thing. This is engaging and amusing and, for all I know, helpful. He recommends things like Drink More Olive Oil or Drink Less Gin. This is sound stuff but not inspiring. However, in Saturday’s DMail he recommends trying growing internally a tape worm – not, apparently, a tape worm as encountered in a pig (they’re too something awful) but that extracted from a cow. When one has had this wriggly character moving around for a couple of months inside one’s body (perhaps to exceed two metres in length) one is supposed to feel better and one can then kill it by some special pill. Rather him than me.


I have recommended to the Honours Committee that Richard Madeley of Good Morning Britain who is also the Saturday DTel’s agony uncle columnist be honoured. Some will laugh. I would not since I reckon he is definitely worth public approbation. Check him out.


Back on the money button, a chum has pointed out Windward (WNWD on AIM), currently about 100p. WNWD uses AI to assess how best economically to deploy ships. Its high quality customer list keeps growing exponentially so although tangible asset backing is a little slim at this stage it is hard to see why its success should tail off here. Lord Browne of Madingley is in the chair. Time to get greedy.

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  • ME says:

    Since your recommendation of LDG, they have lost 30%. They had loads of cash and were trading at a large discount. Are they incompetent or corrupt or both? Surely they should be paying a dividend in these circumstances.

  • Roderick Burdon says:

    Thoroughly agree abour Madeley. Very wise on relationships.

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