Ora Capital reaches 29% of Ceres Power, only another 0.9% to go…

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See below from the latest RNS. I must admit that Richard Griffith (who is a clever chap) CEO of ORA is playing a very smart game here. If he isn’t to bid for the balance equity then they have created a very “squeezable” stock dynamic with a small free-float now and most people still underwater – even those that participated at 1p – as the original purchases were likely much higher (only 11% of the company turned over sub 10p in the last 8 months). They are unlikely to dampen a run in the stock until 10p+.

Perhaps ORA & IP2PO are looking to maintain the new market cap ready for a new equity raising in 9-12 months time and with a few positive RNS’s behind them? Either way for CWR shareholders, it’s only good news (apart from for “Sueyou!”! – where’s the writ Sue?!) – there could be a serious squeeze around the corner.

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