Just how much money has Mr Cawkwell (aka “Evil” Knievil) lost in Ruspetro?

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The ubiquitous Mr Caaawkwell seemingly trying to get his point across on RPO!

Having been away on business in the States over the last 2 weeks (building a ski lodge), I took the time this weekend to clear my inbox and lo and behold, sitting amongst them was an email from the infamous Mr Cawkwell which, at it’s heart, was asking me for money for the use of a photo of him used in our features last year when he was part of the SBM team (and more importantly paid extremely handsomely for!). More regular readers can guess the reply that I sent to that request…

This email however got your editor’s braincells ticking away over the weekend as to just what could have prompted such an email out of the blue and have the voluminous one scrubbing around with vengeful and spurious claims. And so, I stretched my tentacles out amongst various other “connections” of his. It didn’t take long to find a few who were itching to relay his recent misfortunes… Word on the street is that he has taken a major bath on Ruspetro.

We are also long this stock a little higher and I am now not sure if I’d prefer the stock to go to zero just to decimate ol Caawky or whether I want it to go up to make money. One thing’s for sure, if there is more bad news tomorrow then it will be a little sweeter for me to swallow!

Here is the link to the issue of last year with his top 5 long positions for 2012 – http://issuu.com/spreadbetmagazine/docs/advfn (page 32)- it does not make for pretty reading with sideways movement amongst the majority, and with the disasters in his short picks below I apologise for ever including him in the magazine. Assuming he also shorted the stocks included here – http://issuu.com/spreadbetmagazine/docs/spreadbet-magazine-edition-1 (page 58 onwards), then I fear that the EK trust fund is almost depleted..!

By the way Caaawky – your image has been used again here and so you can add that to your writ if you dare try and sue us!!

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