“An Introduction to Tech Angel Investing”

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“An Introduction to Tech Angel Investing”

An Interview with Paul Dowling, CEO & Founder of Dreamstake

On Monday July 20th at 6.30pm, Master Investor will be co-hosting a three-hour evening course “Tech Angel Investing”. Our partners for the event are Dreamstake, Google Campus, and the UK Business Angel Association (UKBAA).

We had a chance to ask Paul Dowling of Dreamstake a few questions about the upcoming event (to which over 50 readers of Master Investor have already signed up).

Master Investor: Paul, next week your company, Dreamstake, is hosting an event to introduce investors to tech angel investing. Why did you decide to organise this event?

Paul Dowling: The tech startup scene in London is buzzing. Europe is producing it’s first tech unicorns ($1B companies). However, there are not enough tech investors. The event is aimed at teaching generalist investors the art of tech investment.

Master Investor: Tell us more about Dreamstake.

Paul Dowling: Dreamstake is a funding platform for technology startups. We have built a large pipeline of high growth potential startups and are matching them with different sources of funding. We are very hands-on and provide a full educational programme for both startups and investors.

Master Investor: You are now working from Google Campus, arguably the hottest start-up location in all of Europe. What is it like to be surrounded by so many bright, ambitious young people who are trying to leave their mark on the world?

Paul Dowling:It is amazing to be surrounded by so many positive people. There is none of the politics associated with corporate life. These startup founders are bringing a level of innovation that will positively disrupt many entire sectors.

Master Investor: Tech investment in a single startup is definitely more risky than investing in any other sector. However, the successes can also yield far greater returns. Do private investors really have any realistic chance to land a “money fountain”-style success through investing in this area?

Paul Dowling: Tech investment can potentially yield an annualised IRR of 25% and beyond providing the investors follow some sensible guidelines. Essentially, it important to only deploy 10% of free cash into this asset and spread this over at least 10 startups.

Master Investor: Presumably investing alongside other experienced angels helps to reduce risk?

Paul Dowling: Investors new to tech should always fall in behind an experienced lead investor. This should be someone who has already made successful investments, often a tech startup founder who has exited successfully

Master Investor: Do SEIS/EIS tax breaks still apply to the sector?

Paul Dowling: Yes, SEIS and EIS are an attractive incentive to invest in the sector and help reduce the downside risk.

Master Investor: Why should a private investor who has significant funds but has never done angel investing turn up to our joint event next Monday?

Paul Dowling: They will hear about the attractiveness of this highly exciting market and get some guidance on how to engage in a way that will reduce their exposure to risk.

Master Investor: Thank you, Paul!

About the event

We have 10 spaces left for the event, which takes place at 6.30pm on Monday July 20th at Google Campus (near Moorgate Station).


– 6.30pm Networking and Drinks
– 7.00pm Presentations / Course
– 8.30pm Networking and Drinks 


– Angel funded companies: the impact
– Angel investor profile
– Funding types
– What results and returns to expect
– Deal sourcing
– When to invest and what type of companies to invest in?

To sign up, please email swen@masterinvestor.co.uk and let us know why you are interested. Attendance is free, provided you have a serious interest in the sector.

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