Additional profit taking in SBM portfolio

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Yesterday we sold 30% of our Nokia position at $4 to book an ungeared profit of 60% from our purchase at $2.50.

We also sold 30% of our Nikkei position at 10,400 after the phenomenal run of recent weeks. The market looks short term overbought and consolidation and a modest retracement is likely. Freeing up capital to deploy in the event of early New Year weakness is good trading practice.

We have also purchased ourselves a FTSE March 5725 – 5700 Ratio Put Spread as insurance for our portfolio. If you want to learn more about options trading in a spreadbet portfolio then click the image below. Check out our record on the About Us page – still over a 90% success ration with our calls – unmatched anywhere by so called “tipsters” and REAL money.

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