Investment trust picks for 2017

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Investment trust picks for 2017

Looking back it is hard to believe that 2016 turned out the way it did. Even Mystic Meg would have struggled to predict Brexit and Trump and the impact they have had on the world’s financial markets.

Forecasting is always a mug’s game, but analysing the recent performance and its influence on investor sentiment can often uncover some interesting contrarian opportunities.

2016 was a strong year for the equity markets with all the main regions delivering double-digit index returns from a sterling perspective over the 11 months to the end of November.

The three most profitable areas for UK-based investors were the Emerging Markets, the Far East and the US, with each up around 30% after adjusting for the fall in the pound. 

Those with money in Japan would have made 20%, with the least lucrative options being the UK and Continental Europe, although both returned about 11%….

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