The Evil Diaries: Beximco Pharma and Project Fear

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The Evil Diaries: Beximco Pharma and Project Fear

Beximco Pharma (BXP) today announces first class results for the year ended 31st December 2015. The cash and stock dividends are confirmed.

What is particularly striking is the 68% increase in export sales and acceptance by the US FDA. All is coming to hand. This makes the stock very cheap under 30p. (Style note: I have mentioned this before but I do wish BXP would give sterling figures for the results as well. I get giddy changing from Taka to pence.)


Project Fear will today warn of an increased chance of war if we Leave. Indeed, one press release ahead of Dave’s presentation offers World War. And that is not all: according to Osborne, house prices will slump 35%, interest rates will rise and, I shouldn’t be surprised to learn, we will end the year in servitude to Vladimir Putin.

As ever, the truth is that we do not know what will happen after we Leave. But we can make an educated guess. And my guess is that the EU is a machine which may well cause a war since really bad (see below) government leads eventually to the destabilisation of common sense.

As for the Osborne housing story I’d take that as a warning that a decline is on the way. Osborne is just seeking to blame another factor before the truth will out: this is of course that house prices must come down despite the people’s general addiction to fake high prices.


I earlier mentioned the fact of bad government as a generally pervasive feature of life under the EU jackboot. And I thought I’d leave it at that. But, yesterday, Christopher Booker in the SunTel described goings on at the Rural Payments Agency. Here an abject shambles has emerged with roughly £1bn written off for no good reason at all. However, there is a slight difference here in that whereas normally EU-handled money simply disappears in Brussels on bribes etc. here it got destroyed by the Cabinet Office since the Cabinet Office decided to use some hopeless computer program which has proved to be a disaster for British farmers. This has cost us £400m and now attracts fines from the EU. The EU blames the Cabinet Office and, no doubt, if they can get away with it, the Cabinet Office blames the EU. This is really bad government which runs the risk of spreading to the point where civil war can break out. People cannot tolerate this EU-inspired garbage.

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