The Evil Diaries: Ocado, Churchill Mining and Pantheon

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The Evil Diaries: Ocado, Churchill Mining and Pantheon
Every now and then one finds one is on the winning side where one’s colleagues have done nothing at all. Yesterday, Lord Stuart Rose (yep, him again) came up trumps in his Britain Stronger in Europe role and announced that he hoped he would be dead when Europe is next debated. As Quentin Letts so brilliantly remarks, “The Remain people haven’t quite got the hang of this sunlit optimism thing yet.”

Meanwhile Potus 2016 hots up. It is quite obvious that not merely is Hillary Clinton a serious serial criminal but Trump is as well. He is a sleight of hand artist. It was either George Burns or Jack Benny who stressed that if one is sincere one is bound to succeed, adding that, once one has faked that, one has got it made. Clinton and Trump respect this showbiz advice – and how.

I closed my Ocado (OCDO) short at 248p since I was short of margin money. I cursed my ill luck. To my surprise Nick Roditi emerges with 14% and is lending stock to the shorters. Roditi is not to be dismissed as a lightweight. What can he have in mind? That noted, I’d still meet him and short OCDO.

Churchill Mining (CHL) faces the Republic of Indonesia delaying everything so to force CHL to run out of money and go away. But CHL, although discomforted, is raising fresh cash (at a cost) and is prepared to fight. I’d buy CHL at under 20p. The potential price is well over 100p.

Finally, Pantheon (PANR) is starting to crawl up again. Hold on to your hats. Now 120p.


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