The Evil Diaries: St Peter Port Capital, Tory Treachery and Lord Monson

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The Evil Diaries: St Peter Port Capital, Tory Treachery and Lord Monson

Yet again, St Peter Port Capital (SPPC) has produced figures that are utterly at variance with the share price, now 10p. This morning’s statement, covering the year ended 31st March 2016, declares tnav of 37.38p. To justify this discount one has to work on the assumption that the Shore brothers are light-fingered. They may be. But there is no evidence that they are. I paid 10p this morning.


The Daily Mail has come out for Mrs May, the traitor, and this means that they must campaign against Michael Gove. So they accuse him of treachery but, facing the fact that they hold no evidence of treachery, decide to label it as midnight treachery. After all, ordinary treachery is something one can deal with but midnight treachery is the very pits. Still no evidence of treachery.

The backing of Mrs Leadsom is quite beyond me. She is an ordinary speaker and has no previous major office of state experience.


Britain provides £500 million in aid to Kenya every year. Why isn’t this aid used as leverage to ensure that my chum Lord Monson, and his family, have a proper run at justice?

Kenya’s biggest ally is Britain, supposedly. Yet despite the best efforts of the British High Commission, it has demonstrably failed in getting Kenya to withdraw protection for a uniformed thug who killed a British citizen. That says everything you need to know about the dysfunctional nature of the two countries’ alliance. In the eyes of the world, Kenya has no respect for Britain.

Everyone knows that the policeman responsible for the young man’s death was Corporal Chege.  We have also learned that a week after Alexander Monson’s death he was promoted to Sergeant. What sort of message is that sending to his fellow police officers? On the face of it, it is ‘Rise in the ranks by killing a tourist!’ Any chance of a prosecution of Sergeant Chege? Next week he will probably be promoted to Captain.

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