Evil Knievil: We should be grateful for small mercies

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Evil Knievil: We should be grateful for small mercies
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There is a vast amount I have to declare in praise of the NHS and its Chelsea and Westminster operation – for this industrial performer is astonishing. However, one has seen some amazing British wetness. For instance, the back of the hospital has an area intended for ambulances and this work is urgent. Instead, time and again, some monkey parks his whatever without any authority. There is only one way to deal with this: confiscate the vehicle on the spot and charge the owner £200 cash plus costs. I had a shouting match with one of these selfish cruds and it just grinned pointlessly.

I never thought it possible that Labour could do so badly in the EU elections. It’s really a measure of how utterly useless and indeed contemptible Corbyn is. We should be grateful for small mercies.

Pantheon (LON:PANR) is due to go up. Given that punters have lost faith, PANR is very probably a strong buy. It may take time though. I paid 22p.

Hugely to my surprise and after at least five years Proton (LON:PPS) came to life. And how! From a trifling 5p it stands at 40p+ within a few days. I do not know why. But I would not sell.

Finally, I have again bought Caribbean (LON:CIHL), this time at 17p. I have no idea why it’s down here.

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  • Julian Strickland says:

    CIHL is probably where it is because it is not doing anything. They had an award from the courts with interest and did not get anywhere. They just let it drag on until the interest was reduced by a Caribean court and still as far as I am aware have had little if any of the money. They don’t pay a dividend and the Midway shares have been allocated but are still worthless.

  • TonyA says:

    Just a quick look at RNSs shows that from mid-March 2019 Proton Power Systems has announced a series of tie-ups with Skoda and other companies, to produce small and large hydrogen fuel cells for different types of vehicle, and confirmed some orders. This is a long-term investment that may ultimately be more significant than electric cars powered by inefficient national grids and solar/wind power.

    Why are punters so down on PANR?

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