Evil Knievil: Trades update

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Evil Knievil: Trades update

This morning Lord Ashcroft announces that he has invested £13.5m cash into Caribbean (LON:CIHL) at 38p. I doubt if he intends to sell out at less than 50p and I reckon he has in mind rather more. So I bought 20,000 at 40p. Simple really.

MP Evans (LON:MPE) this morning announced a very reassuring statement. This supports the view that REA (LON:RE.) is very cheap at less than 100p. Now 60p offer.

Avacta (LON:AVCT) raised £48m at 120p yesterday. There was such a rush that my attempt to buy another 50,000 completely failed. Normally, one would be cautious about buying now in view of the short-term holdings that will have to be sold. But here I reckon one should keep charging in. The fact is that AVCT has got a war chest to hand and will be submerged by offers. Now 170p offer.

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  • Philip Pickett says:

    I would also appreciate any follow up info on CIH which to date, as EK predicted admirably, have done rather well so thank you EK. In his opinion are they a longer term hold or a fairweather short? Does he have a target figure/timeframe in mind?

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