Evil Knievil: Singing the bulls

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Evil Knievil: Singing the bulls

The Daily Telegraph included an obituary a few days ago for a compulsive sub-editor who championed the proper use of apostrophes. He offered the following: “Those are my husband’s. Those are my husbands’. Those are my husbands.” You can see what he was driving at. I would have added: “Those are my husbands?”.

In the same vein I recall being invited twenty years ago with my wife to dine at Maxim’s de Paris (in Paris). Our host was Clem Chambers, founder and still chairman of ADVFN (LON:AFN). He sang karaoke style “My way”. He is a good singer. The wine list was extraordinary in that it stretched back about 200 years and at that end was quite pricey (to put it mildly). But, asked to select the wine, I confined myself to wine from the ‘twenties. There was no point in decanting it despite the vast amount of sediment. Had decanting occurred the taste would in part have evaporated. I do not know what the total bill was. But Clem was paying and we gladly accepted his hospitality.

I was reminded of all this since ADVFN’s share price popped up last week and I grabbed c. 100,000 at 66p since I have never forgotten Clem’s imitation of Rupert Murdoch coming on to buy it. Is this happening now? I doubt it but ADVFN looks much restored to me and must be going gangbusters.

I recalled all this because of the punctuation of the restaurant’s name. I still haven’t worked it out.


Watchstone (LON:WTG) is delisting and going to the Acquis Exchange (whatever that is). This saves costs and allows WTG to be liquidated in an orderly manner. A major asset falling to be realised is the astonishing claim against PwC. I tried to scoop up loose stock at around 50p but got nothing.


Futura Medical (LON:FUM) might at very long last be on the brink of commercial proceeds for its erectile dysfunction gel. If these emerge, anything below 100p will make FUM look very cheap. And possibly desirable to a formally registered ceiling inspector seeking a log in.

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