Evil Knievil: Public executions as a public service

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Evil Knievil: Public executions as a public service
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I have just caught on Desert Island Discs Dame Sally Davies, the government’s adviser on medical matters. She reminds citizens that obesity is a very serious problem. (Tell me about it, Sal. I am down from 26 stone to 19 stone having just recovered from cancer very probably caused by obesity.) Anyway, roughly 10 per cent of GDP goes on the NHS and a large proportion of this c. £150bn bill goes on the consequences of obesity. There is no chance whatsoever of this national expenditure being tolerated in years to come. That means, ladies and gentlemen, that slimming if necessary is really urgent.

(I am of course well aware that most of my readers are sensible people who do not need this advice. But I pass it on just in case….)


It seems that I may have advised going long sterling/US dollar a day or two too early. Perhaps we have yet to experience the serious sell off. Still, the advice stands.

It all swings round a “No deal Brexit”. Unless Barnier is set upon looking ridiculous and nasty, we will have a deal. This is bullish for sterling.


The chairman is developing Agronomics (LON:ANIC)and mentions that Beyond Meat (NASDAQ:BYND) is not merely insanely overvalued at $235 but almost certainly demanding public executions of buyers as an example to other buyers. The way forward is to buy put options.

Comments (4)

  • Andrew Steven says:

    I am advised by my teenage son, who is currently visiting the US, that the Beyond burger isn’t half as good as the Impossible burger from Impossible Foods. I have tried an Impossible burger and it is genuinely impossible to tell apart from a meat burger. Sadly the stock isn’t listed yet so only the likes of Jay-Z, Katy Perry and Serena Williams are able to invest. However, if and when they do list, I will definitely be stocking up.

    Still, can’t complain about Beyond – I bought on the day of listing and sold last week, paying for my summer holiday. Bon appetit!

  • MARSHAL says:

    ‘Unless Barnier is set upon looking ridiculous and nasty…’ It’s just possible that a successful Brexit is seen as an existential threat to the EU hegemony, In which case Barnier may have been chosen precisely because of his ability to be vindictive, don’t you think?

  • John Atkinson says:

    Congratulations on your weight loss of 98 pounds; I propose that from now on you shall be known as “The Lesser Evil”.

    FYI, I have also lost weight, down from around 85 kilos to, currently, 70. My target is 65.

  • George L says:

    “It all swings round a ‘No deal Brexit”. Hopefully, the Europeans won’t run out of patience with our bungling!

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