Evil Knievil: Outsourcing cash

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Evil Knievil: Outsourcing cash

I was a little surprised when Capita (LON:CPI) failed to surge on the clear advice in yesterday’s Daily Mail that a private equity group was sniffing around CPI. CPI has problems but they are far from insurmountable. Enquiry persuades me that this stock goes out at 50p+. It may take a few months though.

It was with a sense of relief that I saw Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) collapse yesterday evening. Otherwise logic would not be seen to have applied. Some will be foolish enough to close their shorts. My advice is to hold tight and go all the way.

Corals update (Chapter 94): I had written to Corals holding company GVC and its chief executive along with the chairman of the Gambling Commission about Corals failure to repay my £1,200 odd. This finally prompted an email from corals declaring that its “team” would study this matter and report back in six weeks’ time. Truly, Corals is run by cretins. Anybody who deals with them online is a fool since he has two choices there: either bet and lose or bet and win only to find he will not be paid out.

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  • John Atkinson says:

    There must be something more to this; I’ve bet with Corals and cashed in and out, albeit in a very small way, and always got paid out promptly.

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