Evil Knievil: Ebullience under pressure

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Evil Knievil: Ebullience under pressure

William Hill (LON:WMH) report this morning. They are doing very well. It is a mark of a well run business that it shows ebullience under pressure. WMH does this.

Unlike Coral who gave me an online account. I turned £1,000 into £1,100 only to learn that my account had been frozen. I sought to withdraw the £1,100 only to find that since my account was frozen there was no means of withdrawing money due to the account holder. Really, these people are hopeless.

Metro (LON:MTRO) has also reported this morning for the six months to 30th June. These results are bad and probably questionable – MTRO have merited this before. Although there is theoretical asset cover it is impossible to reckon how MTRO will come through Covid. MTRO should be sold.

Finally, I suffer from hay fever. So my wife replaced the flowers on our main table with plastic orchids. But ten years on they need dusting. Apparently, the answer is face oil.

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  • David Rawcliffe says:

    Do you still feel Caribbean investment holdings are a buy, or have they had there run ?

  • Richard Y says:

    Almost every online bookmaker lets you lose. However as soon as you start winning they then restrict your bet sizes down to such a small amount that makes it pointless and in practice you can then never win your funds back, even in the unlikely event that you could turn the losses around. I can’t understand how this is not completely illegal. It can only inevitably be a lose lose situation (if you want to take regular serious bets and not just small fun bets).

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