Evil Knievil: A modern day Joan of Arc

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Evil Knievil: A modern day Joan of Arc
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I have asked around and, rather to my surprise, find that my generation tends not to take Greta Thunberg seriously. For instance, Jeremy Clarkson thinks she should go back to school.

Some have described her tone of voice as frustrated. This is wrong since she is expressing moral outrage. To me, she is a Jeanne D’Arc character in her intensity.

I know she is monitored/mentored by her parents but there is no denying her sincerity. Her stance is not mere playacting.

Anyway, I am trying to get hold of her and, when I do, I’ll keep you informed.


I am far from certain that Trump gets impeached successfully. But he certainly ought to be. He is so bent and mendacious that the time has come to welcome Mr Pence into the limelight.


I may be missing something, but the Yemenis have announced that they have killed several hundred Saudi soldiers and taken prisoner thousands more along with vast supplies of materiel. If they are telling the truth American troops are on their way. If not, the Yemenis are going to lose public support.


Over the weekend a chum told me that the polyhalite to be mined by Sirius (LON:SXX) eventually is not much good as fertilisers go. This does not mean it’s a short down here. But it is certainly not a buy.

Comments (3)

  • Mark Lyndon says:

    These attacks on Trump are always short on specifics.
    If Mueller and the thick end of forty million bucks and a pack of hot shot
    lawyers could not support your assertions, how could dead beats like Nadler
    and Schumer and the dreaded squad manage it?

    As for Joan of Ikea, we really are living in a crazy world if truancy is characterised as a virtue. Be careful what you wish for, if the ecos get their way
    we will enter another dark age. If we are lucky, we will become a province
    of the Han Empire.

    Joan of Ikea

  • Gordon Watson says:

    At last I agree with Mr Clarkson about something!

    It’s easy to pontific if you are not in position to do anything constructive to solve the problems.


    Gordon Watson

  • Jeff says:

    I have quite successfully managed to ignore Greta Thunberg.

    I have also noticed that many young people claim to be concerned about the environment, but this concern hardly ever extends to them taking care of it. From nearby experience, typical POSTGRADUATE students will leave outdoor lights on 24-7, leave windows open all day in winter, boil a full kettle when they need 1 cup, run the washing machine half empty several times a week & even use a tumble dryer when it hot dry and breezy outside. Plus many other offences. These are supposed to be the bright people.
    Further down the education scale, I have seen youngsters in their mid 20s drive to a shop that is 20 metres from their home.

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