The Evil Diaries: “There’ll be more troubles on the way”

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The Evil Diaries: “There’ll be more troubles on the way”

One by one, for whatever reason, companies are packing it in on AIM. They have had enough of the cost and, above all, they note that the investing public has lost interest and is in practice still losing interest. The effect of the delisting is that typically punters are left with no market by which to get out even if there is a case for buying this sort of stock where the punter must just take it on its own merits and decide.

Where it is surely simpler is in the instance of Orsu (OSU). This delists tomorrow Wednesday 11th May and henceforth will be traded only on Toronto. As a result, because of the regulation behemoth, London punters are packing it in. I think this is silly even if, which seems unlikely, the Karchiga disposal does not complete. So I bought another 1m, this time at 1.4p.


Peer to peer loans in practice: An American stock, Lending Club, has collapsed in the light of exposure of its lending policies. There’ll be more troubles on the way.

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