Evil Diaries: Real gold prices

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Evil Diaries: Real gold prices

Avacta (AVCT) reported this morning. The finances are not remarkable and are purely historic. However, all seems to be going very well and the share price will move according to sentiment. This looks pretty favourable to me.


The assertions of fact that I here lay out on gold have been honourably vouchsafed to me but I have no means of checking them. If anybody wishes to correct me I am immediately available.

However, there is a massive long position in June gold which might reasonably be expected to liquidate as the make up day approaches. Only this time an appreciable number of holders will seek to take delivery of gold. This could see the price through $2,000 in hours.

If you doubt this proposition you may be interested to know that currently the price of physical gold at Sharps Pixley is c. $1,850. This bears no resemblance to the current futures prices.

And as for the $3tn borrowings by the US government where there is very little prospect of such being repaid, I think I would rather hold gold – wouldn’t you?


Poor old Professor Ferguson. What his private love life has to do with his work on the pandemic I have no idea. It looks as if prurience has triumphed.

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  • Tom says:

    With regard to Prof Ferguson, I think it’s his history that has triumphed, nothing to do with prurience but his failure to respect his advice that he has been forcing down the public’s throats

  • philip baker says:

    Respect to Prof Ferguson, still wanting a dalliance at his age warrants respect. However as he is telling every one else to stay home, he had to fall on his sword, much like his girlfriend.

  • David Rawcliffe says:

    Looking at historical charts gold is clearly not a hedge against inflation, it’s a safe haven in times of crisis.
    Which begs the question what is a good hedge against inflation ?
    Property ?

  • Michael says:

    Residential property

  • Peter Berg says:

    Prof Ferguson is not only a hypocrite but awfully bad at his day job, His track record on
    predictions on other historic pandemics is woeful. Not only did he need to resign his position as a Government advisor (“don’t so what I do, do what I tel you’) but Imperial should fire him. An ex-professor. He he wasn’t nailed to a perch……..

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